Is IPL Right for You?

It’s no coincidence that IPL is quickly becoming the #1 hair removal method of choice amongst both men and women worldwide. The fast-paced lifestyles we lead today have got us stressing over a multitude of factors and unwanted hair shouldn’t be one of them. The Luminus Co IPL home hair removal handset provides you with long-term hair removal results in the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the price of clinical laser but, how do you know if IPL is right for you?


You suffer with painful ingrown hair!

IPL hair removal for ingrown hair
You’ve tried shaving, waxing, epilating, and every other hair removal method under the sun but you still suffer with those sneaky ingrown hairs that curl up and get stuck under the surface of your skin. It’s painful and irritating but  it’s a problem you no longer have to worry about! IPL hair removal works with light energy that turns into heat energy and targets the follicle so that the hair weakens, thins out, and falls with reduced re-growth and long-term results. The thinner the hair, the less ingrown hair you will have. We recommend 8-12 weekly sessions with your IPL handset and then touch-ups every few months, or as necessary.


You’re fed up of painful hair removal methods!

Painless IPL hair removal
We’ve all heard the old adage ‘beauty is pain’ and though that may have been true in the past we can guarantee it’s no longer the case. There’s absolutely no need to put yourself through painful hair removal procedures anymore! You can ditch the hot wax, and that epilator that pulls out your hair one at a time, because IPL hair removal is (drum roll, please) PAINLESS. Luminus Co IPL handsets come with 5 intensity settings for every skin type so that you can get results similar to clinical laser at home and without the numbing cream.


You’re done with wasting money in salons and clinics!

Save money with IPL
The average woman spends $16,500 on hair removal in a lifetime. That’s disposable income that could go towards something a lot more meaningful if you never have to shave or wax again. Luminus Co IPL handsets have over 500,000 flashes and a 20 year lifespan. No refills or additional payments. Just a one-time purchase and you won’t have to waste money on unwanted hair again.


You have dark patches or skin pigmentation!

IPL hair removal for dark patches and pigmentation

IPL hair removal not only gives you long-term hair removal results but also helps to even out the skin tone and reduce pigmentation. This is because the intense pulsed light targets the melanin under the skin and turns to heat energy which breaks down pigment into smaller particles. As the pigment particles decrease in size, the skin becomes lighter with a more even tone. And voila, no more harmful whitening chemical creams necessary.


You’re tired of shaving every other day!

IPL hair removal, no more shaving

You’re rushing out the door and you realize that you forgot to shave. You’re at the beach and you realize you’ve missed a spot. You’re getting ready for a night out and you realize you’ve already got a 5 o’clock shadow even though you shaved this morning. We’ve all been there and we can relate to how frustrating it is. Luminus Co IPL home hair removal handsets were designed with convenience in mind for so many of us that are constantly on-the-go nowadays. With 8-12 weekly sessions you can get rid of unwanted hair and never have to worry about shaving again.


You keep getting strawberry skin after hair removal!

IPL hair removal for strawberry skin

It might sound cute but it sure doesn’t look pretty. Many of us have strawberry skin, especially after shaving, when our pores are enlarged and the hair follicle is still in there with trapped oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria. Exfoliating may help but it definitely doesn’t last. IPL hair removal targets and destroys the hair follicle so that hair doesn’t grow back in each pore. For this reason, IPL is one of the best ways to treat strawberry skin once and for all.


You hate feeling prickly!

IPL hair removal for prickly skin

Shaving leaves you feeling prickly and itchy in all the wrong places (not that there’s a ‘right’ place to feel like that). You’re sick and tired of getting razor rashes every morning and feeling like a baby cactus by bedtime. If you can relate, then IPL is right for you. With one quick session per week you can reduce hair re-growth and get silky smooth skin all day, every day.